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Use our simple life insurance needs calculator below to determine the amount of cover you need. Ignore the fact that amounts are displayed in Dollars, for South African use you can just replace the “$” with “R”.

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How To Use The Calculator

A life insurance calculator removes the tension that you will experience in determining the amount of cover you need. When using the calculator, you must consider all expenses such as your household’s resources, expenses, financial obligation, existing insurance protection and future income. Remember, there may be several other expenses people don’t normally consider which you can read more about here. Based on the info that you entered, the calculator will give you the approximated quantity needed for your protection.

Why Life Insurance?

One part of your financial portfolio that is exceptionally essential is life insurance. This will ensure your family will have no financial worries when you pass away. The first thing that you have to think about before your purchase is the quantity of insurance coverage you need. The best tool to use in determining the exact amount of insurance coverage is a life insurance calculator.

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