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Funeral Cover in South Africa

Did You Know….
The average funeral in South Africa costs between R30,000 and R40,000 [1] and can cost as much as R120,000 [2].
With all the costs rising so drastically, it could increase even more.

What Is Included In This Price?

Tent / Building
Travel Costs
Funeral Director
Municipal Grave Fees

Other Expenses People Don’t Usually Consider [3]

Airtime to Plan The Funeral
Printing of Programme / Obituary
Electricity Used During Preparation

Statistics in South Africa [4]

South Africans With Formal Funeral Cover
That is 9.6 Million People
People Claiming to Belong to Funeral Societies

Planning For A Funeral

Funeral planning is one of the most traumatic events you will experience in your life.
If you have not planned for it financially, the costs can be overwhelming and can cause even more of a traumatic experience.
Luckily funeral cover is available to South Africans to help them during this difficult time. Most plans pay out in under 48 hours.
“People tend to ignore the responsibility of taking up a funeral plan until they are confronted with a situation that requires it. You’ll be surprised how many people find themselves in excessive debt simply because they neglected to make the necessary arrangements to provide a decent burial for their loved ones.” {db9c90b630b203988bb7976cc215b8eb5fcd44c37026cc62f26130766bfd1bef}sqs{db9c90b630b203988bb7976cc215b8eb5fcd44c37026cc62f26130766bfd1bef}1{db9c90b630b203988bb7976cc215b8eb5fcd44c37026cc62f26130766bfd1bef}sqe{db9c90b630b203988bb7976cc215b8eb5fcd44c37026cc62f26130766bfd1bef}
Don’t be one of these people – Funeral plans are relatively inexpensive. If you know that there won’t be an extra R30,000+ lying around for the next funeral, consider getting covered to avoid any unplanned expenses.

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