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Sanlam Life Insurance Cover

Sanlam offers many types of insurance policies that cover you in the event that you are unable to work, traumatic events or in the case you lose your life. Today we will be focusing on the last group, as difficult as it may be to think about, it is a topic you must consider. Sanlam offers two products in the category “losing your life”. These plans are funeral cover and life insurance.

How exactly can a Sanlam life insurance policy help you?

If you have a family that you provide for, you must think about what will happen to them the day you are not there to provide for them anymore. How will they survive? Will they have enough money to cover their bills and groceries? If not, life insurance is something you must consider. By having life insurance you know that the day you pass away, your family will have the income they will need to survive.

What plans are offered by Sanlam?

Sanlam’s life cover is called the Matrix Life Insurance Plan, and is a plan that is tailored according to your personal needs, meaning this is a very flexible plan, yet very affordable. You can even add critical illness protection add disability cover to this plan.

Life Cover by Sanlam


This type of cover can help with your funeral costs, the settlement of debt and basic living expenses. The money your family receive is tax free. Payouts to the beneficiaries can be received within 48 hours after passing away.

If you are interested in this plan we recommend that you speak to one of Sanlam’s financial advisors to help you get the right cover.


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