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Metropolitan Life insurance company has been offering insurance to their customers for over a hundred years. The life insurance policy they offer has been designed to suit your lifestyle in the best possible way so you can leave money to your loved ones if you should pass away. By doing this, you will enable them to pay off their debts, pay for education, household items, and medical costs.

The type of policy will vary from person to person. Therefore we are not able to list an exact premium you will pay. What we can say is that the premiums start at R130 p/m and cover starts from R150,000. Many advantages are offered as well which include free accidental death coverage and a terminal illness benefit that will immediately pay 50{db9c90b630b203988bb7976cc215b8eb5fcd44c37026cc62f26130766bfd1bef} of your cover if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

If you want to read more about the policies offered by Metropolitan, we recommend visiting their website or contacting them directly.

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