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First For Women Life Insurance Company

1st for Women is a company that different products to fit the lifestyle of any South African woman. Included in their many policies, they also offer life insurance options for the modern ladies to leave a legacy with.

Why should you go for a policy from this company?

Well, some of the benefits offered by them include the following:

  • You can get up to R10 mil life cover without any paperwork at a very affordable rate
  • Your cover will never expire
  • For the first 24 months, there will be no increase in your monthly premiums
  • Your life insurance policy will not decrease while active

These are just a few of the benefits, you can read the rest of it at the company’s website.

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Do Women Really Need Life Cover?

Men and women buy life insurance with the same purpose of securing the monetary requirements of their family in case of their death. They obtain a lump sum money that will let their loved ones live a comfy way of life when they are not living to supply them with their needs.

Why Women Need a Policy

Nowadays, as there have been some women who have ended up being income producers in their families, it has been essential for them to get covered by a policy. When the breadwinner passed away, the benefits that their recipients can get from their policy can replace the income loss. When there is no one to help them pay their daily expenses and home loan, such advantages will conserve them from financial troubles.

Some ladies stay at home to appear homemakers and mothers, and this role does not create any income for the family. Mothers and female homemakers need to think that their function is essential for a family so her partner can invest sufficient time to work and even if they are at home, they still require to get a policy for themselves. When the spouse dies her partner would need to perform the role of his partner while doing work at the very same time, the possibility is that. He then has to leave from work or decrease the number of his working hours. Undoubtedly, the earnings of the household will be influenced; nevertheless, when the partner has life insurance, this issue will not be experienced by her loved ones.

Readily available Policies for Women

When it comes to life insurance coverage policies, ladies and guys have the very same alternatives to pick from. The most typical types of policies are term life and whole life policies. A term policy covers an insurance policy holder within a given period. If you pass away within your term period, your insurer will pay your beneficiary however if you live longer than this time, your policy will end, and your recipient will not earn money when you die. On the other hand, a whole policy will cover you for the rest of your life. Compared to describe protection, whole coverage is more expensive, but you will have to spend for a fixed quantity of premiums.

Moreover, even if a lady gets pregnant, there’s no particular kind of policy that she can get. There are things that she requires to take into account when she answers the questions that her insurance company asks to compute her premiums. She will be requested to supply her weight and inform her insurance provider whether or not she consumes and smokes alcohol when she applies for life insurance. When she is pregnant, her answers to these questions could be different since she is expected to weigh more when pregnant and she is unlikely to drink or smoke in this condition.

When she purchases a life insurance policy while pregnant, she needs to think about these concerns as these will influence a number of premiums that she is expected to pay.