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If you are living in Cape Town and in search of life insurance, you have one of two options. The first is to go with a country-wide insurer and the second one is to go with a local insurance provider. Both of these options have their advantages. If you go for a company that is known over the whole country, you know that this company is quite large and is more stable. The only question is how will this company treat you? In other words, are you just a number to them or do they really treat their customers well? Doing a bit of research on the internet will quickly reveal this to you.

On the other hand, if you go with a local insurer, you know that you will probably be treated well as local companies have a lot less clients. The question you should ask then is, how stable is this company? Do you see a future for them over the next 30 years?

Whatever you decide on, we can help you compare quotes in Cape Town and the whole of South Africa. Simply complete our form on the right-hand side of this page.


Cover for HIV Positive People

Life Cover For HIV Positive Individuals

In the past, life insurance companies didn’t cover people who were HIV positive. These days, however, as HIV is becoming a more manageable disease, companies like AllLife now have policies for people with HIV as well. This will enable these people to enjoy the same benefits as people without HIV/AIDS.


How do I get covered?

One option you have is to go through a list of all the insurers in South Africa and determine if they provide cover for HIV individuals. Another option is to complete the form on this page and tick the box that asks “Are you looking for HIV Cover?“. After doing that, an agent will call you to give you your options and the companies that would provide the best cover for you. All the benefits and options will also be given to you so you completely understand what each policy has to offer.


Everything You Should Know About Life Insurance

Everything You Should Know About Life Insurance

Taking out a life coverage is a means of safeguarding your nearest and dearest if you pass. Nobody really wants to consider their passing, but waiting isn’t an alternative, in regards to life insurance. Picking the correct coverage is significant. Here are several hints to assist you sort through all your alternatives.

Life is unpredictable. Catastrophes can occur at any time. Getting medical aid is critical to you keeping your lifestyle, if you’re injured in your work that is impaired by a way.

If you’re working with an adviser to acquire life insurance, and this individual isn’t fitting your needs, it’s important to understand that you’re able to consider a different one. You need to make certain you’re dealing with an experienced, knowledgeable counselor who’s looking out for your own best interests.

Try choosing for a decreasing life insurance policy. That is why these make a fantastic alternative for individuals that want to save on the life of the strategy.

The advisor will be more useful with locating the top policies for their client’s needs, while the agent will need to propose policies that’ll offer them a higher commission.

You should learn if there is a way if you end up in-a financial bind to defer a payment on your own life-insurance policy. There are several insurers that are ready to work with their patrons and might give an extension to you to the deadline for your premiums. You’ll have with speak with your agent to discover.

Compute the proper amount of life insurance coverage desired before buying a policy. An excellent rule of thumb would be to consider what the loss of the income would do for your family if something happened to you as well as cover yourself so. Coverage amounts ought to be large enough to equal about eight years of wages plus any other one time expenses your family might encounter, on average.

Life assurance is a requirement to protect your family’s financial future, if you pass. There are lots of different options available and, as we’ve talked about here, sorting through them can be confusing. The hints we’ve provided should help make the choice easier. Talk about these hints, as well as your insurance choices, with your broker today to safeguard your family’s tomorrow.


In the past, insurance was just a thing associated with the rich. However, the trend has changed and nowadays, anyone can get this cover. With the decreasing life span and increase of health risks, many people are seeking life insurance coverage. This is aimed at securing the future of their loved ones. The cheapest and easiest way of buying life insurance is over the internet. This is because one need not walk from an office to another trying to compare the free quotes that companies has to offer. Nowadays, you also have a lot of options because of the stiff competition from the different insurance companies. The customers can benefit greatly from these company competitions. However, you should first learn to compare life insurance quotes to find the best deals.

One should compare life coverage in order to apply for one that suits his needs effectively.

Different Life Insurance Policies

There are mainly two types of policies on the market today.  The first is whole life insurance, and the second is called term insurance.

Whole life Policies

Whole life insurance can be can be seen as a fixed investment.  You basically pay off this policy for the rest of your life and when you pass away, your beneficiary is guaranteed to receive a fixed amount.  You can of course, choose whether they should receive a lump sum in one payment, or a certain amount monthly.

Term Life Policies

This type of policy generally has much more cheaper monthly premiums, but has several disadvantages.  The main one being that your indemnity doesn’t build any cash value, so your beneficiaries are not guaranteed to receive money upon your death.

The policy holder can usually choose the term they wish to take out coverage.  This can be anything from several years to 30+ years.  The policy then only pays out if you should pass away within that time period.<!> This type of policy can be useful if you have a severe medical condition or are of old age.

Choosing The Right One

Finding the best cover can be daunting. This is because one likes being faced with so many options and it is difficult to literally go through every insurance website. The best approach is writing down the things that one seeks in a cover. This will make the search easier. Having a set amount of money that one aims at spending will not help as it does not make sense to pay less and the cover does not meet the desired requirements.

The next step is to compare several different insurance quotes from different companies.  This can be done by phoning around, or simply by completing the short form we provide on this site.  After submission, an agent will call you with the best coverage options.  The second option will save you a lot of time.

There is a number of money saving tips that one can use on life cover insurance that will help him get the most out of his money. One should ensure that the indemnity is written in trust. This means that when a claim has to be done, the money directly goes to the person nominated when the policy was taken.

A reviewable coverage is cheaper. However, in the long run, a guaranteed policy is better. A company never increases the premium if one takes a guaranteed policy. The company however, is at liberty to review the policy at habitual intervals in a reviewable policy. This is expensive as the rates can be increased and the insurance becomes too expensive at the end of it all.

Individual policies are better than joint ones. In the event that one of the policy holders dies, the joint insurance ends leaving the surviving one with a hard task of finding life insurance. This is because it is not easy for old people to be given insurance.

Some companies offer cheaper premiums if the you go for a medical exam before you buy a certain policy.


People don’t like to think about death, but if you are a parent it should definitely be on your to-get list.  Think about your family or loved ones.  Would they be financially well-off after you pass away?  Then buy life insurance while there is still time…

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