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Here at LifeQuote, we provide you with the best life insurance quotes from different companies in South Africa. We do this to save you time and also money in the long run. You can make a comparison by clicking here. We just need some personal information which will enable us to give you the best comparison.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a legal contract between two parties, namely the insurer and the policy holder, which pays a sum of money to a beneficiary upon the death of the policy holder. In other words, if the insured person passes away, the beneficiary (family member or spouse) gets a sum of money. This benefit can be used to cover the funeral expenses and all other expenses that the policy holder would have typically paid with his/her salary. This can include groceries, school fees, rent, and so on. Some plans cover terminal or critical illnesses as well, meaning that a lump sum will be paid if the policy holder is diagnosed with such an illness before death.

Life cover is usually paid in monthly premiums, and the limitations of the claims are described in the terms of the contract. These are conditions upon which the benefit will not be paid, and may include things like

  • Fraud
  • War
  • Civil commotion or
  • Suicide

Different Protection Policies

  • Term Life Insurance – This policy is taken for a set period, for example, 20 years. This means that you are covered for death during this period. If the cover is not used within this frame of time, it expires. It does not build any cash value. The main benefit of this plan is that the premiums are much cheaper than the other types.
  • Whole Life Insurance – This plan covers the remainder of your life and amount that will be paid out is a fixed predetermined value.
  • Permanent Life Insurance – This plan covers the remainder of your life and accumulates value over time, which can be withdrawn.
  • Accidental Death Cover – As the name states, this only covers the policy holder in case of an accident. This can usually be taken as an add-on to the other plans.

How to Get Covered

After you have compared quotes and decided on the right company and policy, you will go through the underwriting process. This is an investigation process where you will be asked a few health and lifestyle questions, which may include your personal and family medical history, driving record, height and weight matrix (body mass index). This is a necessary procedure for some insurers to decide if you are a suitable candidate or if you are a risk to them. If this is the case, you may not be accepted by the company, or your premiums will be higher. There are a few insurers that do not require a medical exam, like 1Life and Clientele.

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About Us

For most South Africans, life insurance is not one of those things on top of our “to get lists.” When one finally comes to a decision to get it, one way or another it ends up being such a hassle that in the end, it doesn’t even seem worth all the effort anymore.

Here at LifeQuote, we know the drill, we know that you are here to get one thing and one thing only – life cover. That is why we try to make it as effortless as possible for you to get the policy that suits your lifestyle the best. This type of policy is critical and it will save your family a lot of drama the day you are not there to provide for them anymore. So don’t waste any more time, get it now – don’t put it on your “to-do list” for another day.

What We Do:

Here at LifeQuote, we have a lot of very experienced agents ready to help you get the best policy for yourself and also your chosen beneficiary. All we need is a few personal details, whereafter we send our agent to do the hard work fore you. They will go to the top life insurers in South Africa and compare the policies that best suit your personal needs. They’ll compare the monthly premiums and call you back when they discover the best premiums for you. This of course, is done free of charge, for you, our customer. No need to worry, there is no obligation from your side – if it happens that our agent calls you back with quotes and you want to look further – go ahead.

Here at LifeQuote we are here to help you, not to talk you into buying a strange life cover policy you have never heard of before. So rest assured – and please, if you have any questions, go to the contact us page and ask your questions. We will try to respond as promptly as possible and answer all of your questions as thoroughly as we can.

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